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fjsadlkfjlksdajlfkjsadlkfs [21 Jul 2007|11:24pm]

i want my hands this.
the japanese people knows how
to think haha it'll be tiight if i was the first
to get my hands on these!!!
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another [02 Jul 2007|11:04pm]
boring day of summer. i hate it when this happens i was really excited for summer to come, but my expectation of it was too high and now that it has come. it's shit. i wish i have a car and my license so i can cruise around the city and have some fun. when i read about people life's how great their's are. im quite jealous. i never admit that i can be a jealous person but i can. trust me. sometimes i can go to the limit of hating the person. im jealous of those who has a car or at least have a friend who can drive them around and their friends doesn't even mind. yeah, just a moment of thought. lately, been alright. being mistreated by friends is great also. seriously, it is. im lying to your face if you haven't notice. we'll see how this will end. im a type of person who likes to keep things in unless it's irritating the shit out of me then i'll tell you straight to your face. i can be mean or i can be the sweetest fucken girl you have ever met. it's just how you treat me then i'll treat you :D end of stories. comprande? after, what i experience im gonna learn and be fair to every single one of my friends. now that i been treated like that i know how they must've felt when i've done it. lesson learned.......... lets do the happy dance together.

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fag [29 Jun 2007|12:07am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

fuckyou! stupid cunt face! ionno why i wanted to do that but i needed to haha. anyway, lately been great. basically, summer suck so far because no plan well, i had a lot but we never do them because we don't have $$$$ and we
don't make effort to complete it. Um.. i guess you can call my life blah. it's never really that exciting, but one of my friends said she was jealous LMAO jk jk jk maggie.......... i know you'll be reading this that's why i wrote that. i think you will. anyway, tomorrow plan will make up for all the boring days i had. I know a lot of things will happen tomorrow. Oh, i started on a diet and the stupid shit made me mad. Okay, on tuesday i went to Vi's house and i weight myself and it said i lost one pound today, i went to costco and weight myself i gain one pound URGH! to be exact almost two pounds. I guess someone people told me patience because your body is something getting use to it or something i don' t know but i guess i'll have patience lmao. mmmmmmmmmmmkay :D haha for motivation guess what i did! haha i paste all of this skinny people picture up in my closet LOL. :D haha um... i heard oatmeal helps for breakfast it helps burn FAT or something haha which is good right? haha well, yeah im gonna eat that for breakfast and eat chicken salad for lunch and im pretty good :D haha yeah no eating after six. and exercise alot haha okay, for reals this time i;m done leave something :D haha

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just to get started. [25 Jan 2007|06:56pm]
hello, everyone urgh! im feeling like im talking to myself since none of my friends use livejournals. actually, none of them even write a journal online we use to write it on xanga but that too asian! :/ okay, add me if you want. i dont care.
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